28 Easy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Storage Solutions For Every Room

A small home needn’t mean small storage space. An unused nook or cranny here and there is just begging for your belongings. Maximize your storage by capitalizing on your home’s existing space. Check out these awesome and innovative storage solutions.

Tension Rod Storage

Here’s an awesome way to store tension rods under your sink – and keep everything super organized. No drilling required and really cheap, get your cupboards organized today!

1) Shower Pocket Organizer: Shower pocket organizers are a great way to keep all your shower essentials neatly organized and within easy reach during your shower.

Better still the mesh material is really quick drying so it wont get moldy and smelly. So no more knocking things over in the morning and scrambling round for shampoo and razors – it’s all there nicely, neatly organized! Yay!

2) Towel Baskets: Really great way to keep your towels compactly stored, aired and still within easy access. You can easily get baskets at your local charity store – and simply nail to the wall through the weave of the basket.

3) Bathroom Window Storage: Brilliant way to utilize a narrow wall – can be completed within a couple of hours.

4) Wrapping Paper Storage Ideal for the craft room, store wrapping paper with wire closet shelving turned sideways.

5) 5 Minute Shoe Storage with Tension Rods No drilling required! This is seriously one of the best hacks ever for getting instant shoe storage, and super awesome if you cant drill holes in your walls!


6) Kitchen Jar Organizers Screw canister lids to the bottom of cupboards for an instant jar tidy.

7) Cupboard Door Organizer Rack Make additional space by mounting labelled compartments to the inside of cabinet doors.

8) Secret Storage for Small Spaces A slide out rack, built from simple materials, is perfect for items such as spices and soups.

9) Pot Lid Rack Mount a magazine rack to the inside of cabinet doors for holding pot lids.

10) Fridge Magnet Storage Reuse funky containers by adding magnets and store items like pens and pencils on your fridge.

11) Tin Can Craft Storage Art supplies are safely stored in repurposed tin cans turned into a funky wall art organizer. Start saving those tins and get painting!

12) Hideaway Storage Under the bed is a perfect nook for keeping items tidy: simply attach casters to the bottoms of drawers for rolling storage.

13) Foldout Desk Instantly create a home office with this foldout desk with a compact storage area on top, and a large writing area on the bottom.

14) Pallet Wood Bathroom Storage Repurposed wood is a cost effective way to store toiletries in the bathroom.

15) Space Saving Product Drawers Use baskets in drawers to separate your onions from your tomatoes.

16) Wallmount Desk Jewelry Storage A wall-mount desk is a neat cache for jewelry and other such items.

17) Secret Drawer for Toilet Roll Use a hidden compartment to stash unsightly toilet rolls.

18) Dish Rack Drainer No need to move the dishes after they air dry with this dish rack built into a cupboard.

19) Chicken Feeder Storage for Oil and Vinegar Upcycle old items for new awesome storage solutions.

20) Button Organizers for Earrings Attach your earrings to buttons to keep them together.

21) Magnetic Wall Strips for Toy Cars Magnetic wall storage for cars is perfect for boys bedrooms and also handy to store knives in the kitchen.

22) Medicine Cabinet Vintage suitcases are an adorable way to house medicines in the bathroom.

23) Mason Jar Bathroom Storage Hang mason jars on an old pallet to hold everything from cotton swabs to nail polishes.

24) Pivot Wardrobe Storage A rotating wardrobe is ideal for ease and speed of finding objects.

25) Pot Rack Hang hooks on a metal frame to keep your pots in one place.

26) Silver Spice Rack Get an old silver plated server from the Thrift store, cut a piece of wood to fit inside it and voilà.

27) Laundry Basket Craft Storage Sort ribbons by poking through the holes in a basket.

28) DIY Shoebox Charging Station: Learn how to upcycle an old shoebox into an amazing Charging Station in about 30 minutes!

All you need for this , is a shoe box, nice paper and some rivets. It’s a great way to get your messy cables looking tidy and keep chargers in the one place.