How to Secure Your Pool Area

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For water loving souls, summers are the most awaited season of the year. People eagerly wait to bathe in the sun and then, cool themselves by taking a deep dip in the water. Swimming is enjoyed as a form of recreation as well as exercise by all. Besides these two, some use it as a lifesaving skill too.

Unfortunately, many people lose their lives due to drowning each year. Thus, it becomes necessary that you deem yourself accountable for your family members. Moreover, the pool owner, whether private or public, must also take appropriate steps to prevent such accidents from taking place. A law for public pools in the USA states that there has to be a lifeguard on duty at all the times.

With the advancement in technology, people are now inclining more towards using security widgets as a preventive measure to aid lifeguards and to counter accidents.

Scroll down to read about the ways to ensure swimming pool area is always a ‘secured area’:

1. Outdoor Security Cameras

Good outdoor surveillance systems that cover the pool area will keep you updated about what’s happening there, even when you are not physically present. While cooking in the kitchen also, you can watch your children playing in the water. However, remember that security cameras are not your replacement; if kids are too young or do not know how to swim or any other similar situation, you need to be with them while they take a plunge into the water.

An added advantage is that besides ensuring safety of the swimming area, these cameras keep an eye on the intruders sneaking around too.

2. Sonar Panels

Sonar panels are used underneath the water surface to detect any sound or echoes. They are a good bet for protecting your swimming pool as with these gadgets, there are no chances of false alarms due to wind generated movement of the water (which usually happens with the normal underwater motion sensors). These devices are entirely mechanical and can re-arm themselves automatically. With these positioned under the pool water, there are no chances of kids sneaking out without activating the alarm.

The only thing that you need to take care of is that before taking a dip, you need to take out the alarm and switch it off; otherwise the alarm would buzz off.

3. Other Safety Ways

Some more ways of strengthening pool security-

· You may go for fence with a self-locking gate option. As the name implies, gate locks automatically and keep your children & pets away from the specified area.

· Using tall bars for restricting the unsupervised entrance is another good alternative.

Besides safety gadgets, there are a few other things that you can keep in mind to reduce the risk and enhance the security around your pool:

· Always remember that nothing can better supervise your juniors than what you can do. Gadgets are to help you; don’t depend on them entirely. Also, make sure that you are not using smart phones or anything else that could divert your attention from them.

· Keep the pool surrounding area clean. Ensure that there are no things like toys lying around which can lead to accidents.

· Teach your kids same basic security tips about their own safeguarding and how to handle unexpected situations. You can make them enroll in some professional classes also for the same too.

· Establish rules for your brats, more than that following them should be made mandatory when it comes to swimming pool; like to stroll away from pool, no diving, swim under supervision and more.

· Take care of things like maintaining the proper chemical levels of the pool, its filtration, and changing its water on a regular basis.

Hope the points mentioned in this article were successful in sending across the message that how to keep your pool area safe!

Cheap Outdoor Solar Powered Light Set Up. Watch This Video!

Video About Led Lighting Ideas For Home

Finding a Provider to Take You Off the Grid

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Producing your own electricity to use at home or for a business is very exciting. The solution is to find a provider of solar power systems Brisbane with the right skills, information, and products to help you be successful with it. Make contact with providers to see what they can offer for you.


Spend time consulting with providers of solar power systems Brisbane to see what they can do for you. It is going to impress you when you find out how quickly they can get a plan in motion. It doesn’t take long for them to install the materials or for you to reap the benefits. They can explain to you the best options for your needs and benefits.

They can also explain the cost involved with you. It is far less expensive than you may think to get this done. You aren’t going to know that cost until you get into the specifics with the various solar power systems Brisbane providers. Then you can compare the estimates and what is offered.

Verifying the Provider Information

Always take the time to verify the information any solar power systems Brisbane provider offers you. They should put it in writing with specific details to verify what you will get, what you will pay, warranty information, and other pertinent details. Never sign such an agreement until you have fully read and you completely understand it.

Environmental Help

Going this route allows you to feel great about your contribution to the environment. Knowing you are no longer depleting the environment of resources that can’t be replaced feels great. You are just one person but there are many others embracing this type of service too. The numbers continue to grow annually, and that is very encouraging.

Financial Savings

In addition to the environmental benefits, there are financial savings too. When you work with any solar power systems Brisbane provider, consider it an investment. Over time, what you pay for it is going to pay for itself. When you are off the grid, you don’t pay anything for your monthly electricity use.

When you don’t produce enough power to go completely off the grid, you will only be charged for what you do use. This is still going to be significantly less than what you are paying monthly right now. The cost of electricity continues to increase so over time, you would be paying more and more for it if you don’t make any types of changes.

Solar power is simple to benefit from and the systems are very easy to maintain. It is rare that anything will have to be done for the system. If there is an issue, the installer should take care of it. Make sure they offer you a wonderful warranty so you can confidently rely on them if there are any concerns down the road.

Make it a Priority

Now is the time to take advantage of what solar power systems Brisbane have to offer. They are lower in price than in the past. The technology offered is better than ever so you can use this to take you off the grid. Don’t put off finding out what you have been missing. Get the right information so you can move forward with making this a reality for your home or a business.

Gather the information, ask questions, evaluate providers, and get a plan in motion. This could be your chance to make a positive change you are very happy with. The sooner you get it done, the more you can benefit.

The power of solar energy is amazing, and we are excited to continue to bring you opportunities to embrace it. In the past, only those with a great deal of money were able to benefit from this type of resource. Today, we make it both practical and affordable for you to count on solar methods. It feels great to be able to save money every single month. At the same time, you can be proud of your efforts to reduce environmental concerns.

Memory Foam Mattress Warnings

Image result for memory foam warning videoTempur-Pedic, Memory Foam, and the New Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

Tempur-Pedic and memory foam mattresses are the hottest sellers on the mattress market today; and because of all the hype and recommendations about them, so many people are sure they want one.

At least half of the customers who walked into my mattress store would announce, “I want to look at your memory foam mattresses. I’ve been reading up on them, my sister has one and loves it, my kid’s teacher told me about hers, my doctor recommended it, etc.”

Memory foam was our biggest selling mattress – and the most likely to be returned. This information was originally written a few years ago based on my experience as a mattress sales person; and the responses and feedback from real, buying customers during that time.

However, with over 200 comments and counting – this article has validated its own message through comments like the most recent ones in October 2016: “I got up this morning determined to get some truths around these mattresses and happened upon this site. I am so unsurprised to see all the comments on here and feel somewhat relieved it is not just me.”

However, there are also many people who swear by their memory foam mattress. There are reasons for that – its just that memory foam isn’t for everyone. That is why this article is here: because a memory foam mattress just might be the thing you need, too – or not.

This is one of the most important things you need to pay attention to before you decide to keep a new memory foam mattress: Are you moving more or less after your body has gotten used to sleeping on it..?

Return and Exchange Policies

Before you buy a new Memory Foam mattress, you should know that one of the main reasons why people get frustrated with trying to return or exchange them; is that they are often so expensive compared to other types of beds. And since most mattress stores offer credits rather than refunds if you are unhappy with it – that means that if you start out with Memory Foam and then try to exchange it for a less expensive one, later; there will be a huge credit that lingers in the store (as opposed to you receiving cash back).

The risk is yours – do make sure you understand the exchange/return policy of your mattress store before you complete the sale.

Highlights from Wikipedia

Memory Foam is polyurethane with additional chemicals increasing its viscosity and density. It is often referred to as “visco-elastic” polyurethane foam, or low-resilience polyurethane foam. (Low-resilience = low ‘push back’ support)

  • Higher-density memory foam softens in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mold to a warm body in a few minutes. A lower-density memory foam is pressure-sensitive and molds quickly to the shape of a body pressing against it, returning to its original shape once the pressure is removed.
  • Created by feeding gas into a polymer matrix, the foam has an open-cell solid structure that matches pressure against it, yet slowly springs back to its original shape.
  • Was commonly utilized in cases where the patient was required to lie immobile in their bed on a firm mattress for an unhealthy period of time. The pressure over some of their body regions decreased or stopped the blood flow to the region causing pressure sores or gangrene. Memory foam mattresses significantly decreased such events.

Memory Foam Mattresses are Very Well Marketed

Memory foam was invented by NASA back in the day… Did you know NASA never used it? Tempur-Pedic was founded by a marketing executive. We can all certainly agree that Tempur-Pedic does a good job of marketing their Space-Age, State of the Art materials.

Some of the most trusted Doctors, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists in this country have recommended these products based on this marketing – which includes lots of impressive research to help make things seem so credible.

I’m not saying its not – just that its all really good marketing.

Memory foam mattresses are especially notorious for their HOT sleep and initially strong chemical smell and offgassing issues.

Memory foam basically contains the same ingredients as regular polyfoam – it’s just manufactured differently. Essentially, gas is infused into a foam matrix to give it those neat body-molding and shape-remembering characteristics. This is why it can be so much stinkier than regular foam.

I talk about issues with offgassing – along with the details surrounding Federal Fire-Retardant alternatives and Regulations that are used in mattresses, in this previous article if you are concerned about those things.

What’s RIGHT with Memory Foam in Mattresses?

There are good uses for memory foam. It is especially nice for those light, bed-ridden elderly folks who need to be kept comfortable.

Memory foam is also great mixed in with other foam layers in the top of a traditional, Innerspring, pillowtop mattress. Memory foam feels good next to our skin – it cuddles us and makes us feel cozy. So yeah, Memory Foam can really make the difference in the luxurious feel between mattresses.

A memory foam topper can be the ideal thing for adding more comfort to a mattress that needs it. In fact, a memory foam topper on a supportive, plush mattress (firm, but still with some cushion on top – as in the image above) can be a great sleep system and comfortable alternative for people who love the feel of memory foam; but a mattress does not work for their body and/or sleep type.

Also, if you have circulation problems and want to sleep warmer – get something with memory foam in it.

An Example of a Good Memory Foam Topper

Comments below have requested an example of a good memory foam topper. This is one that ‘I would buy’ because:

1) I like the gel infused into it – gels really do work to help (just help, not correct) give a little more support to the memory foam; as well as do a good job of diffusing the heat for most people.

2) I like the thicker 4″ toppers because they give you the most cozy memory foam sleep experience without being a full memory foam mattress. If you’re going to spring for memory foam (or latex) – you should always make it a good one. Half-way won’t feel nearly as good.

If you can try them out at a store close to you – so that you can easily exchange/return them if you decide you need something thicker or thinner, etc. That is always ideal.

Memory Foam Mattresses Feel Strange for Many Sleepers

But memory foam mattresses are some of the most exchanged/returned mattresses – and that’s only one of the reasons why they are so expensive.

I always told people, “Its a great nap mattress.”

They almost always feel really good when you first lay down on them…

But, what if you are a tosser/turner at night? Lay down for a minute on any memory foam mattress and then try to roll over. Its like you’re sunk into wet sand – good luck. I’ve had older people return their memory foam mattress for this reason: “You don’t understand, I HAVE to be able to get out of it easy in the middle of the night!”

This also plays into sex… what will sex be like on a memory foam mattress? This is another personal choice about these mattresses; because some people like having sex on them – but, many don’t like it as well.

The flip side to the ‘can’t move as easily’ point is that your body supposedly won’t want to toss and turn as much as it does after you get used to sleeping on it.

That may be, I’ve never slept on one long enough to know what its like after my body has gotten used to it. All I can tell you for SURE is that so many of them come back to the store just because it is such a different kind of mattress to sleep on every night.

Also, it is a HEALTHY thing for your body to move during sleep – ask your doctor. You don’t want to sleep motionless, your joints need a little movement.

Memory Foam Mattresses are NOT Good for Many Sleepers for Bad Back Pain or for Relieving Pressure Points

Memory foam is a dense foam – this is why it is so hot to sleep on. Even without the pressure of a body on top compressing the foam – just lying there – it can’t breathe very well.

And of course, when you lay on it – the foam compresses to an even tighter foam that breathes even less.

Also, when memory foam is compressed as when a body is laying on it – the foam that IS relieving the pressure points when you first get on that mattress is getting MORE FIRM (as in hard, ‘wet sand’ firm) underneath that shoulder or hip, etc., as you continue to sink into the mattress – especially if you don’t do much moving (which we talked about, memory foam can diminish body movement during sleep).

GOOD POINT: Memory foam IS a good ‘pressure-point-reliever’ for sleepers who manage to remain tossers & turners. I’m sure it would be a good pressure point reliever for me for that reason – I doubt it would cure *my* restless sleeping habits. (I’m known for being a kicker. 😉

Pay Attention to Your Back, Spine & Neck

This is one of the important things that you need to pay attention to if you decide to keep a new memory foam mattress: Are you moving more or less after your body gets used to sleeping on it? Are there aches developing in your back, shoulder, neck, etc., that weren’t there before? Sometimes you almost don’t notice them at first; but you might more later as the situation continues.

Memory foam is also affected by the heat from your body, which can cause the foam in the mattress where you NEED horizontal support – like your back – to sag too much the warmer it gets – especially if the weight of your body is concentrated in your middle and/or hip zones.

There is NOTHING that is ‘pushing back up’ to support your back and keep your spine correctly aligned once memory foam turns into cozy, warm mush. This is why I recommended the plush/firm spring mattress with a memory foam topper, above – the bed beneath the topper should keep your body correctly aligned. The topper is just meant for cozy comfort.

Many memory foam mattress customers complain of shoulder/neck pain and/or backaches after sleeping on their mattresses for a few years or even just after a few months, sometimes.

This is why – memory foam actually gets MORE FIRM beneath pressure points if you don’t move around much; OR you’re not supported in the same way throughout the entire night on that mattress as you were when you tried it out in the store – because of the foam heating up and getting too soft where you need support.

And, this misalignment can be difficult to notice at first… During the night, your body just barely sinks out of alignment as your back starts to sway; especially those tricky back, neck and pelvic areas on your body.

If you have been sleeping on a memory foam mattress for awhile; and any part of your body is having problems – get off of it, at least for awhile to experiment. You could be doing slow-developing, long-term damage to parts of your body without realizing it – only because you don’t realize it; not necessarily because there is anything wrong with the mattress.

An ideal latex topper is 4 inches thick with an ILD of 19 to 34 – lesser ILDs are for pillows and are usually too soft, with the possible exception of Fibromyalgia sufferers. Three inches is not thick enough to support a body (although for a memory foam mattress, you might get away with a 2-3″ topper if the memory foam isn’t too firm).

Memory Foam Mattress Potential Fixes

Adding a topper to a memory foam mattress helps many people, especially when it is too firm or too hot. If a new topper alone doesn’t do enough to help you sleep more comfortably; there are cooling sleep products available – as well as ideas from other people who have dealt with that issue with semi-success. I suggest doing a general search for something that might work for you.

Its funny… I was starting to notice a developing trend shortly before I quit my job in March. Mattress customers were coming in who had purchased a memory foam mattress from other stores; and they were complaining that they were too hard. (I’ve had a few requests in the comments for Natural & Latex Topper recommendations for this reason – so I added these examples.)

These customers were often either looking for a topper to add to the mattress for comfort; or they were looking for a different mattress, entirely. I was beginning to wonder if memory foam mattress manufacturers haven’t started making them more firm for the reasons I explained, above.

If they are, its not helping much.

A topper will not correct any structural issues that may be going on – like too much sway where you are heaviest. They do have the capability to add cushion if your mattress is too hard, or to cool it down if it is too hot.

Do yourself a favor and MAKE SURE it is the right mattress for you before your time runs out to exchange/return it.

Memory Foam Customer Experiences in the Comments Below

Thank you so much to the many readers who have shared their memory foam mattress experiences and asked more questions in the comments, below. This article very much continues with them; and is turning out to be a good online resource on the subject.

It is not an exhaustive resource, however. This is just a stop on your research trail about these popular mattresses.

Update: Good Memory Foam Mattress Alternatives

One last thing… You should know that many Doctors, Chiropractors and Therapists are beginning to recommend latex over memory foam as the mattress of choice. I talk about that why that is more in the comments, below. In fact, when you start browsing the web about this subject, many of them have ‘invented’ their own latex mattress brands.

A latex mattress is a really good alternative to a memory foam mattress because they both ‘mold’ around you like a glove – allowing for pressure point relief; BUT latex also gives support where memory foam does not. There are also other reasons to consider a latex mattress.

Another potentially-good alternative to a typical memory foam mattress for people who really like the feel; is a pocket-coil innerspring with memory foam on top. I’ll talk more about why they might work in the comments; and you’ll also see a couple links to them.

Mattress shopping hints: Please try not to get too hung up on brand names until you decide ‘what kind of mattress’ you want – then it is easier to weed through which brand might be best to buy.

I also highly-recommend going to mattress stores to test mattresses out – that is the only way your body will get a good feel for them. Here is some good, general advice while shopping for a new mattress – including how to test them to know which ones will work best for you and/or your partner’s best sleep.

10 Totally New Ways You Can Use Regular Paper Towels

Grab.a.Roll was invented by Jane Lawrence, an exhausted grandmother of seven messy kids, after they had ruined rolls of paper towels by dropping them onto the wet ground. Her desperate search for a portable paper towel dispenser that didn’t exist led to her inventing one.

Image result for roll of tissue papersGrab.a.Roll™ is a new product for an old problem: Paper towels get dirty when you take them with you. They get dirty when you drop them or they blow over, or something spills on them. Once they get dirty, you throw a few away to get back to clean towels or you toss the entire roll. Grab.a.Roll™ saves the towels saves you money and keeps you clean.

The simple two part sustainable dispenser is made from 30% recycled plastic and can be 100% recycled at it’s end of life.  It is simple to use. Just snap off the lid, drop in a regular sized paper towel roll and pop the lid back on. To dispense the towels, pull them through the slot on the side as needed. Easy to use – always clean – Grab.a.Roll™

Grab.a.Roll™ is the world’s first portable paper towel tote. It is easy to use and always clean, wherever your messy life takes you: camping, bbq, picnics, patio, classroom, cars, boat, hunting, fishing, garage, tailgating, or just about anywhere.

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Tips For Buying Kitchen Appliances

DIY: How to Make Earth-Friendly Cleaning Products. Watch This!

Lost Surfboards For Sale And Ready To Ship In Zetland?


How to find Surfboard fins that are not going to affect global warming. Well this is quite an easy task, not that surfboard fins are made from environmentally friendly chemicals, it is just that there is no such thing as global warming due to climate change or whatever that the sky is falling brigade would have you believe.

According to this Nobel laureate, the numbers have been manufactured to stir up the fears of those willing to pay money for the problem to go away.
While the origins of surfing are largely unknown, historians can verify that it was an extremely sacred sport in Polynesian islands, a lot so that priests were designated to wish great surf conditions prior to avid surfers might go out and catch the ideal wave. Not only was surfing a popular sport, it was a method to keep chiefs in leading physical condition and also acted as a method to deal with conflicts among people through competitions that designated a clear winner. Although it did experience a slight decline in the 19th century, surfing was promoted on the beaches of Australia and the USA by a number of veterans and has actually because become one of the very best loved sports in the world.

Surf Gear & Stuff

Surf board technology has been ending up being significantly sophisticated over the years since the introduction of the very first modern standardized surfboard. The decades have seen the intro of the hollow, hot curl, balsa, fiberglass, business, sausage and finally, the one we utilize today, the shortboard. Fin innovation was introduced around this time, to enhance the stability of the surf board. Prior to the introduction of fin innovation, surfers needed to control the stability of the board by dragging one foot in the water which was no simple task. Nevertheless, surfing’s enhancing appeal caused the development of first, glass on fins and ultimately, the highly effective removable fins that we have today.

Detachable Fin Systems

Removable fins existed as far back as the early 1930s however were extremely fundamental in design and surfers did not have much range to select from. A surf board fin is merely a hydrofoil that is connected to the tail of a surf board to assist surfers direct the board in their desired instructions and likewise to improve stability while surfing. Fins can be found in many various shapes and sizes and may be attached singly or in multiples to the tail of a board. The most common types of fins uses today are the detachable fin systems, which can be unscrewed from the tail of a surfboard and rearranged in a different configuration or replaced with other kinds of fins in order to enhance maneuverability. Today’s removable fin systems are high tech, easy to use and visually pleasing and were brought to us thanks to the innovations of the two most important business in the detachable fin market i.e. Fin Control System (FCS) and Futures Fins.


The FCS detachable fin system was developed and patented in the early 1990s by Australian Brian Whitty and rapidly turned into one of the most popular surf products internationally. It is a preferred with surf world title winners and has actually been utilized in countless surf contests around the globe. The premise of the FCS detachable fin system is simple; simple maneuverability through making use of numerous fins. The fin system can be used in a tri, quad or five fin setup in order to improve and alter the direction and stability of a board. Depending on a surfer’s preference, there are alternatives to alter the fore and aft positioning of the fin for better control. FCS has a number of fin system ranges including the FCS origin, FCS X-2, FCS Longboard, FCS combination and most recently, FCS II. All these ranges are designed to accommodate the needs of all surfers, regardless of whether they are just beginning out, are seasoned veteran or are award winning experts. FCS fins are offered for sale at many physical surf stores along with online surfing stores.

Futures Fins

Futures Fins is a California based company known for its innovative approach to detachable surf fin innovation. Since the business is based ideal beside the water on Huntingdon beach, all new innovations are tested to the maximum to ensure surfers get the best performance from futures fins systems. Futures Fins offerings to surfers includes Fin boxes, which are detachable fin systems that enable 60 % more attachment than regular plug-ins, and a number of high performance foils including the V2, V, Tow, and Flat foils. Fins feature two various flex designs i.e. BLackstix and Techflex which influence the directional movement of the surf board. With over 700 products to provide clients, Futures Fins is among the premier removable fin systems suppliers globally.

Benefits of using Removable Fin Systems

Detachable fin systems have several benefits to offer surfer usually and in contrast to glassed on fin systems. These consist of:


Glass on fin systems are infamous for their ability to damage the whole surf board if you encounter an obstacle or crash into another surfer in the ocean. This suggests that when your fin breaks, you can basically bid farewell to your board since you will likely never have the ability to use it once again. On the other hand, if you experience the same mishap with detachable fins, just the fins are most likely to be impacted as they are developed to come off in such a possibility that makes for a much more resilient board.

Easier Control

With many removable fin systems including approximately 6 adjustable fins, surfers have actually never had a much easier type maneuvering their boards in the ocean. In addition to offering multiple fin options, some systems even allow surfers to differ the direction of their fins for higher stability in the water. This certain function might describe why all the world surfing contests except one have actually been won with a removable fin surfboard given that the late 1990s.

Cost Effectiveness

Prior to the introduction of removable fin systems, surfers often needed to have more than one board on hand to function as a backup in case the other one broke and likewise to allow them to check out more speed, rotation and stability choices. With the intro of multi fin removable systems, surfers now have the option to test for all these variables just by altering the number or instructions of fins without having to spend any more money to buy and maintain multiple boards.


To state that detachable fin systems have revolutionalised surfing is an understatement. Since the introduction of these systems, surfers have actually experienced more secure surfing, greater speed and control, monetary cost savings and myriad other advantages. With the hundreds of choices offered today, each surfer has the chance to choose the right fin system for optimum enjoyment in the water.