Hero™ Clean Launches Home Cleaning Products, Built For Men

Since officially launching in August 2015, Hero™ Clean has had much success with their one-of-a kind, first ever home cleaning product line, Built for Men. Hero™ Clean’s innovative household items include laundry detergent, all-purpose spray cleaner, liquid dish soap, and odor eliminating spray.

According to Euromonitor, in Hero Clean’s categories; laundry care, surface care, dishwashing and air care; category sales top $111 billion globally and $18 billion domestically.

Founded in 2013, the Hero™ Clean Home Cleaning Products line was created specifically with men and their cleaning regimen in mind. Understanding that the laundry and cleaning aisles were exclusively full of products fragranced, packaged, and marketed for/to women – Hero™ Clean was born from that void in the marketplace for the 100+ millions guys buying cleaning products these days. Learn more at: https://hero-clean.com/.

“Research has shown a significant increase in the amount of housework men take on in today’s society,” expresses CEO and Founder of Hero™ Clean Mike Eaton, “Hero Clean just launched in August and sales are about 1/2 million dollars.”

There has been a 20% increase in the amount of single adult males in the US in the past 10 years, with predictions of a sharp increase over the next decade. In addition, men are getting married later life, with 29 as the average first marriage age.

Although cleaning is often associated with a women’s household duty, these statistics conclude more men who are living on their own are stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility in keeping their living environment and belongings clean and in tiptop shape. However, it’s not only the single guys who are cleaning. In married households, 42% of housework is done by men, which has doubled since the 1980’s; and nearly 60% of men 35-54 are primarily responsible for laundry.

Whether married, in a relationship or single, the Hero™ Clean product line will benefit just about any guy who who’s looking to tidy up. With more single men, college kids, and men sharing chores than any time before in history, men deserve to use products that compliment their style, cleaning regimens, and taste.

Each Hero™ Clean product can be purchased individually with prices ranging from $5 – $15, or as a “Kit” – all of these essential weapons for  $20.00 (at hero-clean.com). The product line is available nationally at Target.com, in select stores in New York and California, on Amazon.com, Jet.com, and Hero-Clean.com. Plus, Hero™ Clean has recently launched a new Point of Purchase (POP) 4ft end cap display in Target.

All of the products feature the original Hero™ Clean scent, a fresh, clean, subtle fragrance that’s not fruity or flowery. Carefully designed by fragrance experts responsible for the world’s finest colognes, Hero Clean’s original scent is based on Juniper, and a main ingredient in Gin. The connection results in a scent that finally brings a fresh clean sophistication at a manly level to the cleaning products aisle.

The product formulations were built from scratch to match the way guys clean – clean quickly, delay, delay, delay, then finally clean again.  Formulations focus on left-on dirt, stains, food, etc. in all parts of the home and on laundry and feature heavy duty cleaning performance that easily cleans everything up with little hassle.  The products are also flexible and multi-use (dish soap can be used as a hand soap, to mop, etc.  All-Purpose spray cleaner can be used on any surface).

Laundry Detergent: Heavy duty performance, specifically designed to get long-sitting stains and odors out of laundry.  HE and non HE compatible.

Dish Soap: Super aggressive on grease and dried on food.  Also great for using when you need a bucket of soapy water for car, mopping, bathroom cleaning, etc.

All Purpose Spray Cleaner:  Great on cutting dirt and grease, but flexible enough to be used on all hard surfaces.  No need for 17 different surface cleaners, this bottle does it all.

Odor Eliminating Spray:  The delay mechanism.  For anything that needs a little freshening up between cleaning, spray it now, deal with it later.  Features an extended fragrance technology that reactivates the fragrance in the sprayed area for weeks after spraying it.